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As drivers of connections and development within our growing community, we host events to encourage knowledge sharing and the unexpected happenstance of amazing ideas. You can look forward to meetups, workshops, and loads of pizzas.

The Consentium Community Code of Conduct

The Consentium Foundation community should uphold the same goals and values of the team behind it. Hence, this code of conduct serves to be a binding agreement for all members to agree and adhere to so we can create a productive and inspiring experience for everyone. You should apply these guidelines for activities related to Consentium Foundation, such as: * Work relations with the Consentium team * Work relations with any community member of Consentium, both online and offline * Interactions with any Consentium platforms and events, both online and offline All members will be subject to consequences for violating these guidelines:

1. Be respectful in all interactions

It is easy for tonality to be misconstrued online so be extra careful to ensure that you come off as respectful. The community is made up of people from diverse culture so always keep the space constructive and positive. If another member voices out that they are affected by your words or actions, react in a suitable manner to ensure that the interaction is kept cordial. Refer to others with their preferred titles and respect privacy as well as intellectual property.

2. Professionalism is priceless

We are designed to be an environment where members are encouraged to be fully engaged and feel safe to share their opinions. While you are entitled to be honest and direct, it is still important to keep all discussions professional, even in disagreements, with focus on the the topic. We do not condone attacks that insults or belittles someone on a personal level.

3. Violence will not be tolerated

We do not accept any violence or threats of violence on our platforms, be it online or offline. This includes any hate speech, discriminatory language, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment. Such behaviour is illegible and not tolerated in our community.


4. Celebrate diversity and differences

For our community to be constructive and innovative, it is important for there to be new perspectives to encourage discussions and progress. This can allow for differences in opinions and cultures. The key is not to let that affect the quality of interaction. Think of ways to facilitate participation in spite of it. Avoid dominating a discussion yourself / within a small group of people and learn to step back to encourage other voices.

5. Do not engage in behaviour that is disruptive or harassing

Be it online or offline, unwelcome behaviour can also be flagged. Sexualised comments, even those said in jest, are considered unwanted sexual attention. Any inappropriate physical contact without consent or stimulated physical contact in communications or presentation materials is also non-permissible. Behaviour that can disrupt any event, forums, or meetings, is also a violation of our community guidelines, inclusive but not restricted to heckling, excessive drinking, taking drugs, derogatory comments, jeering, or any other crowd actions that can be hostile.

We take this seriously.

If you should experience or believe any engagements is not in line with Consentium’s community code of conduct, we seek you to reach out to us at hello@consentium.org. Please report any situations that may be potentially dangerous, distressing or in violation to the guidelines with as much details as you are able to problem. You may use the same reporting process if you feel you have been unfairly accused.

The Consentium Foundation team will take all reports seriously and undergo thorough investigations. All members, including admin and decision-making authorities, will be expected to comply immediately when they are asked to stop unacceptable behaviour. You may also be requested to leave the relevant platforms whether temporarily or risk being banned permanently. The Consentium team can be subject to further disciplinary action, including termination of employment. False reports will also not be tolerated and subject to similar consequences. Influencing such behaviour, whether online or offline, can also lead to similar consequence for the offending member.


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